Grounded in Tradition

Invested in your future

Being a grower-owner means better control of your future, more value and reduced risk.

We encourage you to visit your local co-op gin to learn how being part of the cooperative system works to improve your bottom line – in both good and bad times.

When you join a co-op, you automatically get an investment in your future that makes money for you, not from you. That’s The Co-op Advantage.™

Check out the list below for a few key things to keep in mind when considering a co-op:

  • The Co-op SystemOnce you become a grower-owner of a co-op, you own the supply chain – ginning, warehousing, marketing, and cottonseed processing. You can be confident that you are ensuring reliable, cost-effective infrastructure that is always there to process your cotton.
  • Dividends and Stock OwnershipAll of the profits of the cooperative come back to you when you need them most. The profits earned at your cooperative return to you in the form of a dividend payment. And the stock you earn each year keeps your co-op running strong and then returns to you in the future.
  • Regional Cooperative BenefitsParticipating in multiple co-ops means you capture value in every part of the supply chain. When you add it all up, the returns can’t be beat.
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