Your Investment in the Supply Chain: How Regional Co-ops Work

Supply Chain investment

Over the last several months, The Co-op Advantage®️ has focused on each link of the supply chain – from producing, ginning and warehousing to cottonseed processing and marketing.

All provide grower-owners sustainability and added value to enhance their destiny.

Meadow Co-op Gin Manager Dan Jackson summed up the process well.

“The supply chain – from farmer to ginner to storage to by-products to marketing – is crucial to the success of the cotton industry,” he said. “I’m one part of that process – ginning – and I’m honored. But it’s every part of the supply chain that makes our producers sustainable.”

Eric Wanjura, Vice President of Administration for Farmers Cooperative Compress, echoed Jackson’s comments at the third level of the supply chain.

“Each link of the supply chain works hand-in-hand,” Wanjura said. “By having ownership in local and regional cooperatives, your investment provides stability in both good times and bad – and you have a say in how things are run.”

At step four of the supply chain, cottonseed processing, producers depend on this important link to add value to their bottom line.

PYCO Industries, Inc. not only produces valuable cottonseed oil for cooking, but also markets whole cottonseed and the by-products of cottonseed processing.

Tony Morton, PYCO Senior Vice President and CFO said he and the PYCO team make it their goal to maximize producers’ bottom line.

“Every day, we are stewards of what God gave us in the form of cotton, and we, in turn, help our neighbors,” he said.

In the fifth step of the supply chain, marketing, Plains Cotton Cooperative Association works throughout the year for grower-owners to invest in their future.

Charley Triplett, PCCA Vice President of Member Services, is adamant about PCCA’s mission to ensure the long-term profitability of grower-owners through value-added marketing programs and through services to their gins.

“Grower-owners put their livelihoods in our hands, and our job one is to pay dividends back to them in a timely manner.”

Your investment in local and regional co-ops across the supply chain return added value, sustainability, real ownership and transparency. Co-ops work for you by giving peace of mind and transparency that ensures you have a voice in the work you are doing.

Bottom line: Vertical integration across the supply chain is imperative to the strength and success of every grower-owner today, and for our agricultural legacy.

That is The Co-op Advantage.

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